Thursday 12 March 2009

Wednesday's wet end

Well, my body gave me the fingers today and my session was memorable for how little I could do. I found it very difficult to Snatch 75kg. I then missed 80kg. Badly. I felt like a big kid had just pushed me onto the ground and kicked sand in my face--I remember that Hugh by the way...

I had a decent warm up with lots of Overhead Squats and flexibility and a few sets of light Drop Snatches. I then did a double on 60 and 70. These were ok. I then struggled with 75 and 80. My mind set was focused on the lifts and I really wanted to train. I came in looking forward to the session and feeling a bit tired, but not that bad. Then the Snatch looked me up and down and spat in my face and told me I was its bitch.

I then cowered away from He Who Shall Not Be Named and did some Jerk skill work with 50kg and after this some light doubles with 70 and 80 kg which were my nemesis weights today. I was mentally broken. A rest day day tomorrow and I will go into town and buy some balls and fortitude in Argos. Then I will have a session in the Hercs on Saturday and hopefully turn it around.


gwen said...

Great Charles Atlas pic.

Yes,t his sport is sooo mental. I mean if you do a double with 70, 80 should be there as well.

Some days one can just be off. Mentally borken--I think the key is, may be a bit of dissonance?-- forget the bad work out and let it go. Cause tomorrow is another day to workout.

Barry said...

I agree Gwen. I am a bit worn down, but that means I have been training hard and will soon reap the benefits of my training--I hope. This whole week I have been wrecked from work, coaching and training, so I have to accept it, tried to eat and sleep as well as possible in order to recover.

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