Monday 6 April 2009

Monday's mocking Hang Power Snatch percentage

I was getting a flight to Bucharest today and I only had one hour to train, so all I did was 45 minutes of Snatch variations and 5 minutes of Jerk skill work. Here is what I did this afternoon:

Overhead Squats--6x5
Hang Snatch--1x3@40, 40, 50 1x1@60, 70, 80
Snatch--1x1@80, 85--These reps were very slow and cumbersome so I decided to do some Hang Power Snatches instead. These went far better.
Hang Power Snatch--1x1@85, 90, 90, 95, 100--This last rep was fast, although slightly out of line. The video of 100 is below.

I then did 5 minutes of Jerk skill with 60kg

I am in Bucharest now and I should be able to post videos of some quality lifting at the European Senior Championships, which I am attending. Here's to the next few days!


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