Monday 27 April 2009

Monday's mellow power session

I had an enjoyable light workout where I was able to work on some of the things that went wrong on Saturday. After doing some partner stretching and some Snatch Pulls, it was work up to 85% of my best Power Snatch (80kg) and Power Clean (105) for three singles each and then do three doubles of 75% of max Front Squat(115). It was all light and fast. I finished off with some Sprinter situps and 10 minutes of flexibility in the pool. These are the things that I focused on today:

1. Stay over the bar in the Snatch. When I did this on Saturday, 105 was no problem.
2. Extend straight up, keeping the bar close after the second pull.
3. For the Power Clean, it was to keep the arms athletically tense--as Harry says--rather too loose or tense.

Here is a video of a Power Snatch with 80. It is light, but I was trying to stay over the bar and extend up rather than let it swing out. Let me know what you think.


Hugh said...

Have you seen this:

Mark Cannella said...

keep you shoulder in-line with your elbow and wrist. There should be that straight line; which means you are too far over the bar with your system.

you'll get a better hip shot with everything set correctly.

watch the top lifters from the side and you'll see what i mean.

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