Thursday 23 April 2009

Thursday's theraputic session

Today was the lightest weightlifting session I have taken part in so far in my weightlifting career. It was a lovely little taper session and all I did was some bar work, extremely light Snatches, Jerk skill and some very light Clean and Jerks followed by three doubles in the Snatch Pull. It was mellow and with two good nights' sleep, I should be raring to go on Saturday.
I weighed in just before the session and I was 94.6kg, which is better than the 96 I was on Sunday. Since Friday, I have basically eliminated most of the starchy carbohydrates from my diet except for my breakfast and 1 scoop of potatoes during lunch. I want to weigh in at 94 or just under and ideally, depending on how I am weighing in on Saturday morning, I would like to have a small breakfast. I will continue to follow this diet next week, except for a small break on Saturday evening. I want to have a more comfortable weigh in for the Small Nations and not have to worry at all losing any weight. I want to lose it in body fat rather than water expulsion, which although easier, is not what I want. I measured my skin folds and after a week, they have a lready done down from 39 to 36mm in the four site test. By next week they will more than likely go down again.

Here is a video of a 78kg Power lifter Ger Smith performing a 260kg deadlift. Ger is one strong boy and this video shows that there is more in the tank for him, so I hope he shows his true strength in his own Nationals in a few weeks.


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