Tuesday 7 April 2009

Tuesday's tremendous 69's!

I had an enjoyable day's training with a session in the morning and the evening. More on that later. Here is a video of both the overall winner of the class, Miroysan, and Vincent Dabaya who got a 186 Jerk. The two lifters have amazing Clean technique and entirely different styles in the Jerk. I also wated the women's 53kg B class and there were some great lifters there also. The ladies had excellent technique which they tended to rely on rather than the brute strength that some of the male lifters seemed to. Anyway, here is the video, my camera is only 5 million pixels, so apologies for the lacklustre quality.

My first session was a power up, focusing on the Power Snatch and some light Jerks from the rack and Front Squats. Here is what I did:

Overhead Squats--5x5 with one set of PNF in the bottom. I worked in some flexibility in between lifts.
Snatch skill work with the bar
1 Hang Power Snatch/ 1 Power Snatch from below the knee/1 Power Snatch--2x3@40, 50
Power Snatch--1x2@60 1x1@70, 80, 87, 90, 93--The last rep was not quite a Power Snatch, but it felt smooth.

Jerk skill work with the bar
Jerk from the rack--1x3@60 1x2@80 1x1@90, 100, 110x3 singles
Front Squats--1x3@60 80 1x2@100, 110, 120

Session 2

Overhead Squats and dynamic flexibility
Snatch combo--1x3@bar, 40, 40, 50 1x2@60

Snatch--1x1@70, 80, 87, 93, 98, 101, 104, 106--I missed this three times which was a bit annoying. I missed it out front, then back and then a non lift. The video shows the bar to have been easily high enough, but I drove through the catch in the second miss which I really should not have missed. It was fast and smooth apart from that mistake, so it is not the end of the world.

Power Clean--1x2@60, 60, 70, 80 1x1@90, 100, 110, 115, 120, 123, 125--The last Clean was not a Power Clean as I did not get under the bar fast enough.

5 minutes flexibility

Cathal lifts in the 77 B class tomorrow, so hopefully he does himself justice. He is a hard working and skillful lifter so I hope he gives it his all.


Laura Nolan said...

Good work Barry, nice to see your numbers come back. Being on your holidays seems to suit you.

I watched the snatches of the 69s earlier - really good class with no clear favourite, and seemed like a very high percentage of lifts made compared to the 62s yesterday and the women's 48s/53s.

Interesting that you thought the female 53s technique was better than the men's. Granted I was watching the 53 A session on the telly but I thought in general they missed a pile of lifts they should have made - a lot of lifts just bottled out of (OK Dabaya did this too on his last snatch) and a lot missed because of being caught out of position.

Also your one who won the 53s had a physique like a smaller version of Kevin D'Arcy... something not right there.

bigphathar said...

Laura: Leave Kevin alone, there's nothing the poor guy can do about his feminine stylings!

Laura Nolan said...

That isn't quite what I was getting at there Harry ;) Cathal may have girly eyelashes and Barry may have womanly hips, but Kevin... doesn't.

Best of luck to Cathal later!

Laura Nolan said...

Hm, just watching the 69s C+J now, I take it back about their being more consistent than the 53s!

Hugh said...

Your camera takes photos of 5 trillion pixels?? You must have the best camera on the planet. Very hard to believe you built it, so, who'd ya pikey it from??

Mega means million, dumbass!! What's your job again??

Glad you're having fun...

Barry said...

Okay, okay; mistake corrected my narky amigo. Or maybe at this stage, my acquintance....

bigphathar said...

Harsh Barry, harsh...

Hugh said...

Do I know you??

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