Friday 18 September 2009

Friday's fencing with time

Today's session was grinding as I was tired by the end of the week and my legs were shouting at me because they are not used to all this work. I need a massage or at the very least a whole lot of foam rolling to try and get the legs as fresh as possible. I can also feel the areas around my hips getting more and more tension as the weeks go by, so I may have to try and squeeze in an ART appointment somewhere. I did my squats in the early afternoon and the rest of my session after work. Here is what I did:

Back Squats:1x5@60, 60, 80 1x3@80, 100, 120, 130, 140, 150, 150, 150--I was happy with these as I was only getting doubles with these at the start of the week. Over the next few weeks I have to start getting my squatting poundages up.

Later that day I only had less than an hour to finish my session so I left out the Snatch Pulls and kept the essentials in.

Snatch--I worked up to a single with 100, followed by a miss and then a success with 103 and then three misses with 105. My back lock was a bit better again, but I lacked the hip flexibility in the receiving position and I also lacked that bit of finish in the pull. I was happy enough because it was the end of the week and a bit better than before. I need to continue inching up with each session.

2 Front Squats and 1 Jerk--I only had fifteen minutes for these, so I worked up to three singles with 120kg. Last week I only got one of these so I was happy to get all three. They were tough because I was rushing and also because I had squatted earlier in the day. My final rep was the best because I got the rhythm right in the dip and exploded under the bar quicker to get a better lockout.

I have some videos that I shall put up tomorrow. Next week is massively important. Everything is getting that little bit sharper than it was, and my technique, mental focus, flexibility and power need to continue this return to form.


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