Tuesday 22 September 2009

Tuesday's tight hips

Thank you for your comments to my current predicament. I intend on applying most, if not all of your suggestions. I actually started with some of them today.

I did not have time to do my squats yesterday, so I got them in today. I worked up to three doubles with 160kg and I finished off my mini-session with 3 sets of ten reps with a tailored back extension exercise. My lower back was screaming at me even with these, so this is a sure sign that I need to do more of these. I did this few because I want to gradually work in the lower back work and the assistance exercises rather than force everything in on top of the program I am already performing. I also started up yoga again last week. I really enjoy taking yoga classes and it is also good for my flexibility, so it is an all-round winner I think.

I plan on including the Snatch RDL exercise into my warm up and also the modified Clean grip RDL exercise also. Both will be done with light weights and the intension is to activate the muscles and see if I can get them into the act for the classical lifts. I will perform the back extensions at the end of each session and gradually increase the workload rather than work all out straight away.

My hip height is something myself and Harry will look at tomorrow also as well as how I initiate the first pull. He might even try and wedge my back into shape.

Here is a video of a TED talk, which is an organisation that is trying to educate as many people as they can. They always get famous speakers to illustrate what they have learned themselves and it is Tony Robbins in this case. This video is inspiring, interesting and very relevant to weightlifting:


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An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Creating Power

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