Wednesday 2 September 2009

Wednesday's wrap up

I did not know what to expect with tonight's workout, considering what happened with my last two. The plan was to Snatch up to 95 and Clean and Jerk up to 120 or so; basically to lift up to my second last warm up sets.

Harry helped me keep my focus by banning me from speaking. A harsh measure, but one I am sure Murph would concur with. I had a warm up with lots of Overhead Squats and I got going in the Snatch. I got up to 95 and it felt awful. I did it again and it felt slightly better and I asked Harry could I lift it one more time and it was the best; sluggish but it felt like a proper Snatch. For the last two reps I focused as hard as I could on contracting my upper back muscles and this really helped.

I then Clean and Jerked up to 117 and from there to 122 which I cleaned twice and missed the Jerk, even though my Jerk was feeling pretty sharp. I Clean and Jerked 122 again and made it sloppily. I was focusing on one thing and then a few others would go haywire. Not my day but a definite improvement on the last week's training.

I have two days now to rest and get my stretching and active recovery stuff in, so I will use my time well. I am really looking forward to Saturday's competition and if I can't lift what I want or even if I get pb's, either way I just want to enjoy myself. I will leave you with a video some may find amusing:


brendan said...

Best of luck Barry

snatch_pete said...

Bit like me before Irish Seniors, was lifting poorly. You just need to remember one thing, you still have the strength there to nail the lifts.

You dont become a poor lifter in a few days so get your ass into gear and have a good competition on Saturday.

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