Monday 31 August 2009

Monday's mirthful slap in the face from my nervous system

I rested up for the last three days and I tried to train today. It was not to be. I felt fresh as a daisy all day and I had hoped to be able to train to a medium intenity, but my nervous system has clearly not yet recovered. Instead of training tomorrow and Thursday, I will train on Wednesday and have a flexibility and pre hab/core sessions tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. I reckon this should get me fresh enough so I can lift some decent weights on Saturday and enjoy myself in the process.

Even though I stretched in the warm up, my hips were very tight again. I simply need to continue doing my partner flexibility here and stay patient. I did not feel comfortable in the bottom position in the Snatch which is quite unusual for me. I worked up to three singles with 90kg in the Snatch and they were ugly as sin and felt just as awkward, but they needed to be done. I had begun my Snatch Pulls and everything felt like it shouldn't. It is very, very rare that I would skip my targeted exercises, but today was one of those occasions, so I went straight to a few sets of Back Squats to keep the legs thinking. I did around fifteen minutes of flexibility after this to finish up.

It was a frustrating workout, but it is clear to me that the nervous system needs a bit more time. I have had sessions were I was tired and sore, but with focus I could still lift well. This session and last Thursday were different though. No matter how much I focused, my body would not obey my mind. I just have to stay patient and I know by Saturday I will be raring to go.

Here is a short video showing two of Zag's girls lifting. They only train in the weightlifting movements twice a week and their talent is very obvious.

Here also is the third part of my inter with Charlie Hamilton:


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Cant have it good all the time Barry. Stay positive.

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