Wednesday 26 August 2009

Wednesday's wincing squats

I had a quick, one hour and fifteen minute session this evening and the intensity was good. After three successive days of walking for three hours, my legs had the strength of a drunken sailor after a night at port. Here is what I did tonight:

A quick warm up with the bar with a bit of flexibility

Snatch--I focused on lifting as fast as I could with all the weights, even just the bar. I was supposed to do 3 singles with 85%.
1x2@50, 70, 80
1x1@85, 90, 95 for three singles. They were fast but my hips were very tight all day.

Snatch Pulls--3x3@105kg. Again, these were light, but I was focusing on keeping my back flat and extending up.

Snatch Deadlifts--3x3@115kg. As above. They felt nice weight wise, but the back lock was not quite what I wanted.

Front Squats--1x2@70, 70, 100, 120, 130, 140, 150--I missed the second rep and then dropped back to 140 for two more doubles. My hips were tight in this one also.

Here is the first part of an interview with Charlie Hamilton, who is the Scottish national coach and his club regularly wins the team events in Britain. He talks about his own lifting, his gym and some of his lifters. He is a legend and a hell of coach, so be sure to listen carefully. If you did not read any of my posts from my week training with him and his boys, click here:


snatch_pete said...

Very like the old St Gabriels which was located by a housing estate and attracted a lot of kids. Door was left open in the summer and the naturally inquisitive kids would come and look in. Again you had people like Laurence and Jim Power lifting big weights but who were very approachable. You also had George Whiteway making cheap weightlifting shoes from pairs of trainers, designing kids club t-shirts and making sure the results of comps were in papers. Ronnie also made a great effort to take some of the more talented ones over to compete against Scottish and English youth lifters.

Really to start all that you need the club in an area where kids can easily get to, without that you already have an uphill struggle.

Unknown said...

Great interview. Really inspirational.

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