Tuesday 11 August 2009

Tuesday's think tank

I was going to have a session comprising on bar work and flexibility, but after arriving home yesterday, my body clock has not quite recovered yet, so I watched Sami train instead. I am off to Scotland tomorrow evening to train with Charlie Hamilton and his boys for six days in Kilmarnock and Andy Murphy and Cathal Byrd will be going also. Of course, I will update the blog as much as possible and hopefully I can sneak in an interview with Charlie, whom many regard as the best coach in Great Britain. There are some tremendous lifters in his gym so I might be able to take some videos of them also.

As promised, here is the part two of my interview with Jim Schmitz and it deals with weightlifting technique across the board. Here and here are my two posts regarding my training in the Sports' Palace. Thanks again to Jim for giving the interview and hopefully you will be as interested in what he says as I am. I will close this post with the great advice that he gave me in an email today:


It was a pleasure meeting you and having you workout with me. And a big thanks for the interview you posted, I have received many very positive comments about it. So, get those legs really strong and your technique more consistent and efficient and I think you will lift some big weights. However, watch out for "paralysis due to analysis", don't think too much, especially when you grab the bar, if you pull as hard as you can and move as fast as you can you have a good chance for success.

Weightlifting is Fun, Lifting More Weight is More Fun, So Lift a Lot of Weight and Have a Lot of Fun!



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