Monday 17 August 2009

Sunday’s sacrosanct Jerk session

Yesterday’s session focused more on the Jerk than anything else. After the previous day’s heavy session, we actually all felt sharper and quicker than on the Saturday, so this proved to be a good workout.

1. Power Clean and Power Jerk—We did one Power Clean and two Power Jerks up to 100kg, and then myself and Byrdie started to do singles and we got 110, 115, 120, 125, and 130. I had missed 130 when training in Las Vegas with John Broz so it was nice to get it this time. This movement was all about speed—in both the Clean and the Power Jerk where Charlie focused on speed of lockout and speed of foot. I am simply not fast enough yet, so this session helped emphasise and start to address one of the areas that need strengthening. Murph got an easy 110 for a pb and just missed 115kg.

2. Front Squat and Jerk—Again, we did two Front Squats and two Jerks up until 110kg. We then went to singles with 120 and over. Murph got an easy 120 for a Front Squat and Jerk pb for him. I got 140 on a second attempt and narrowly missed 145kg behind because my arms were too soft in the catch. Again, speed under the bar and locking out the bar were the key factors. Bar height was not a problem for me, it was simply locking out both arms solidly and quickly. This speed of movement ties into the general speed of lifting that I must get better with. Byrdie nailed 140 and also narrowly missed 145 behind also.


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