Tuesday 25 August 2009

Monday's mashing of my hips

I trained yesterday and my hips were very tight. The good thing about training with Sami is that we spur each other on in training and also enforce the partner flexibility drills that we both need. Because I was awy for a while, my flexibility went down the pan and I need to get it back and improve it again. I stretched before and after the session and this needs to become a mainstay once again. Here is what I did:

Clean and Jerk: 3 singles with 85% which was 120. There is a clip of my last single on the video below. I was really trying to push myself under the Jerk as fast as possible, but it took me a while to wake up.

Clean Pulls: 1x3@120, 130 for three triples. I was really trying to get these with as flat a back as possible.

Clean Deadlift: 3x3@140

Back Squat: 1x2@90, 110, 130, 140, 150, 160 and then I only got a single with it on the next set. I went for a three hour walk the previous day and my legs were not at their strongest. I was supposed to go up to 162kg or 90% for three doubls but my legs did not have it in them.

Here is the video of my lifting and Sami's double with 155kg for a pr double:


bigphathar said...

Zig: Back lock is getting a lot better. Will see you later for training and a chat.

Zag: Great new PB, you're growing into one strong puppy!

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