Sunday 16 August 2009

Saturday's scintillating display from the Scottish boys!

Yesterday was an action packed day in Scotland. We all went heavy as did Charlie's boys and we Snatched and Clean and Jerked to a max on the day. Cathal got 103/135 and Back Squatted 180, I got 107/135 with a pressed out 140, a new Clean pb of 142 and a Back Squat pb of 180. Murph got 95 and a new Back Squat pb of 165. We were pretty tired from the last two days and three sessions--involving mostly pulling movements--which really fried the nervous system.

It was also great to see Charlie's lifters in action. It was interesting to see that all of them displayed very similar techniques (with some individual differences of course) which conveys Charlie's coaching principals--watch out for some big lifts in the video below! The environment that Charlie has created for his lifters is second to none and extremely conducive to pushing one's limits. Maybe this is an aspect that Irish weightlifting needs more of? Today we will be doing a very tough session focusing mostly on the jerk which should be challenging, although very enjoyable. Charlie has invited us for dinner at his house after today's session to celebrate Byrdie's 23rd birthday and no doubt a few beers will be had. Hopefully will be able to pace himself unlike Friday night. Tomorrow will be a transitional session with the purpose of being fresh and motivated for heavy lifts again on Tuesday.

In brief, Charlie's main area of concern with all three of us is the top of the pull. He believes we are all coming off the bar a little rather than shrugging up which is pushing the bar out in front, making our catch more difficult than it needs to be. Hopefully by the end of this camp we will all have made improvements in that regard.


bigphathar said...

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CathalByrd said...

Brilliant! Coach Lee you are a true Chinaman.

Barry said...

Now all he needs is a proper Ned Kelly to be a true coach!

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