Sunday 30 August 2009

Saturday's stretching

I have nothing really to report other than I am trying to get my nervous system recovered and ready for the competition in Glasgow next Saturday. I had a great forty minute stretch and glute pre hab this afternoon and I definitely felt looser afterwards. Because I need to drop unwanted skin folds that are unnecessary, I have eliminated most of the starchy carbs from my diet and have been eating a whole lot of greens and fruit with a lot of protein to boot. I have already lost two kilos and that has been pretty easy. I aim to be around 96kg or a little under for Glasgow, so for Cork, the 94kg class will not be a problem. I am happy in this weight class and I want to get more technically sound, faster, more powerful, stronger and overall a better athlete rather than simply putting on weight to lift bigger weights. I want to become a better athlete and weightlifter and I think it is the easy way out to put on weight to placate the ego. Weight is not holding me back: technique, speed and power are.

It is actually not that difficult to strip away the fat because I am essentially eating as healthy as possible with a lot of health inducing supplementation in my diet at all times. This evening I was in a restaraunt and instead of eating what I would have eaten before, I ate a beef and spinach salad with lots of additions and i had some frozen youghurt with berries for desert--I actually had less than half the youghurt. It requires discipline to eat like this across the board from breakfast onwards, but I am doing it and enjoying the discipline. The only real drawback for me is that my body is used to using carbs for fuel, so it needs to adapt to this a bit.

Here is part two of the interview with Charlie, so I hope you like it.


Davie said...

great blog! Where and when is the competition in Glasgow?

Barry said...

Hi Davie,

The competition is on Saturday the 5th of September and it is the District Championships. I have no idea where in Glasgow it is--Charlie said he would look after getting us there. Myself and two other Irish lifters will be going. I have not competed since early May so I am really looking forward to it!

Davie said...

If you get any details, can you let me know. Would love to come along.

CathalByrd said...

Hi Davie.

I'm not 100% sure but I think the competition is in Kilwinning, run by a guy called Bill Despard.

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