Friday 28 August 2009

Wednesday's wrecking ball

Well, I finally hit the wall after getting a lot of great training in. I got up to have an early 45 minute flexibility session and this went really well. I had training at five that afternoon and I went in feeling a bit fatigued, but otherwise pretty good.

I had an excellent warm up with some great glute pre-hab and some good partner flexibility and bar flexibility work. I felt reasonably sharp in my warm up Snatches up to 80kg and after that I struggled to get three singles with 90kg, which is usually a pretty basic Power Snatch. Nothing felt right from the beginning to the end of the lift.

I then went onto Power Cleans and Power Jerks and everything was smooth up till 100kg which felt fine. I was trying to catch them too high, but otherwise they were ok. I went up to 110kg and I could not Power Clean it. This is, again, an easy Power Clean usually. But not today. I was toast. All the training and travelling caught up to me and kicked me hard. Byrdie and Murph did all the same training in Scotland, but they are lifting for four years compared to my 16 months.

I now have three days off and I will start training again in Monday and get ready for my competition in Glasgow on the 5th of September. Here is a video of Charlie's set up and some of his lifters in Kilmarnock:


Anonymous said...

dont worry i am in a heap too !!!!

CathalByrd said...

I am just about emerging from my heap.

Franklin said...

Extremely impressive group of lifters of all ages and gender.

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