Tuesday 8 September 2009

Tuesday's tidy lifting--queue in Murph who says "NOT!" in a Borat accent

I trained today and yesterday also. I was predictably tired, but I wanted to get back into my routine, so that I will be as fresh as possible for the 3rd of October.

Yesterday I squatted in a short 30 minute session that was seperate from the rest of my training. I squatted up to a double with 150 and I then did a single and left it at that. Later that evening, after a good warm up with some flexibility, I Snatched up to ninety for five singles. I missed the first two because I was not switched on, but the rest were pertty straight forward. I then went onto a few sets of Snatch Pulls with 100 in which I focused on keeping a locked back. After this came the Power Clean followed by a squat Clean. I went up to a top set with 110 with tehese and that was that. Light--although it did not feel like it--and enjoyable.

Although I was tired yesterday, today's session was far harder. I started with Power Snatch doubles and I went up to three top sets with 80kg. They felt really heavy even though my Power Snatch pb is 100kg. Harry got me to tense my upper back in a slightly different way than before and it felt good. I then went onto Clean and Jerk singles up to 110kg. I missed the first attempt due to a lack of focus. I then got three hard, grinding singles. Harry made the point that I was in no way finishing my pull, so my last rep ended up being my best. I was supposed to Front Squat afterwards, but my left knee was bothering me for some unknown reason. It hurt a it when I tried some pulls so I left it there and did a bit of flexibility. I have a feeling it was a phantom pain that comes along every now and then and leaves just as mysteriously.

Here is a video of a legendary lifter who also happens to be Jim Schmitz's favourite ever lifter:


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