Monday 9 November 2009

Monday's marshalling of the cumulative fatigue

I had an enjoyable day's training today and I finally got that triple in the Front Squat with 150kg which I have not gotten since early on in the Summer. Again, it was a split session and I deviated from my usual Monday workout as I am competing on Saturday. Here is what I did:

Early afternoon:
A short warm up involving bodyweight movements and pre habs.
Front Squats--2x5@60 1x3@100, 120, 130, 140, 150
15 minutes partner flexibilty with Zag focusing on the hip flexors, groin, hamstrings and internal and external hip rotators.

Warm up followed by the counter jump movement test on the computerised mat. I got 45.5 and Zag got 48.3, with our hands on our hips.

Power Snatch--1x3@40, 50 1x2@60, 70 1x1@80, 85, 90--I was happy with these: they were fast and locked in. Perhaps I could have finished my pull a bit more, but have a look at the video below and see if you can spot anything that needs to be changed.

Power Clean and Jerk--1x1@70, 70, 90, 100, 110, 115--I left it there as I did not have too much more in the tank.

I enjoyed training today and I think I may have turned a corner on the fatigue front--assuming I look after myself over the next few days and sleep really well. I will lift up to my last warm ups on Wednesday with as little volume and as big jumps that I can make. If things do not feel hunky dory, I will nip it in the bud and save it for Saturday.


Anonymous said...


I've been keeping an eye on your training for a month or so now. It's obvious that you are committed to the sport and train hard. My main observation is that you seem to operate in a state of constant fatigue and so have stagnated somewhat. There also seems to be a tendancy towards 'paralysis by analysis'. In my opinion you should reduce (eliminate) all the fatiguing heavy pulls etc and raise the intensity of the actual lifts instead. Shoot for a 1kg improvement on each lift every week or fortnight. Over a year that would accumulate to 100kg on your total!

Just some thoughts. Check out my website for ideas:

Best regards


CathalByrd said...
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CathalByrd said...

I would have to agree with this Baz. It's like I was saying to you last week when you and Sami were in were asking why I don't do the pulls and deadlifts that we did in Scotland anymore. It's because they slow me down and negatively impact upon my snatch and cnj. Afterall, the snatch and cnj are speed movements and require very unique co-ordination that in my opinion pulls and deadlifts don't cater for.

However I am not saying to ban the pulls altogether, you can still do them once a week or so at the end of a snatch/cnj session, nice and quick with low volume at maybe 100-105% or so of your best for 3x3 or something along those lines. I would however drop back on the deadlifts quite a bit, in my opinion they are very fatiguing for very little return on your total. Maybe only do them when you plan on not competing for a few months, so maybe end of Dec/start of Jan would be a good time for you to focus on them instead of trying to juggle everything at once?? I think it is very difficuly to focus on slow-speed exercises and also still expect to excel in the quick lifts.

Let me know what you think...

Anonymous said...

I cant see the point of doing the above pulls, they are neither fast(movement specific)or heavy enough (task specific) for strength development. I find it strange that that people dont think of the squat in the same negative way as they do pulls

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