Wednesday 11 November 2009

Wednesday's whupping

I had a really enjoyable session tonight; it was very short and sharp. I arrived at the gym determined to get my final warm up lifts for Saturday and I got them and felt good doing so. Here is what I did:

A short pre-hab warm up with some bar work and flexibilty.

Snatch--1x2@50, 50, 70 1x1@80, 90, 97, 100, 103 x,103--I missed this, but got it a few minutes later. Quite simply, I did not finish my pull or accelerate with any real urgency. Tommy made the point that I was iniating my pull too early and not staying over the bar enough, so I focused on that and the lifts felt far stronger afterwards. He also berated me for being over-analytical with my technique and to just get on with it and lift! Tommy knows what he is talking about so I will keep it as simple as I can over the next few weeks.

Clean and Jerk--1x1@70, 70, 100, 110, 120, 130--I kept it as short and sweet as I could and my lifts felt accurate and smooth; but like my Snatches, they were a little slow and without the pop that I know I will have with two rest days before Saturday's competition. Have a look at the videos below and let me know and constructive comments you may have.

I decided not to squat in order to save my legs and energy and I left the gym feeling far better than when I arrived. Zag trained well despite a very very long day in work. He also lifted up to his final warm up reps and he going into Saturday in great knick.


snatch_pete said...


Good blog. I enjoy reading it to see how you and also Sami are getting on.

Good luck for Saturday although from reading your blog London Open seems to be your next competition you are aiming for.

I would love either through the blog or preferably in December after training over beers to hear your opinions of training (especially after your summer exposure to different successful coaches). I wonder if Tommy, Harry and co. could come along so we could pick their brains too.

Sorry I have been reading a few posts on goheavy tonight which piqued my interest. It got me asking in Ireland at moment what do coaches think is the best way to train and whether different lifters respond better to different coaching principles.



CathalByrd said...

Nice one Baz, you're looking fairly fresh for Saturday so should be a good run-out for ya before London. I'm in the same boat as ya, looking to snatch something decent at NIs and build on it in London, just take cnj as it comes but knee is improving well.

I think your idea is good Pete, bashing around training ideas is always good and can get people thinking.

Barry said...

The post training beers sound great Pete. It should prove to be an interesting discussion and a bit of a laugh also.

Thanks Cathal, I am not nearly as fresh as I was for the Clubs, but maybe that will prove to be a good thing, who knows. I am looking forward to testing myself and seeing if there is a fight or flight reaction.

snatch_pete said...


I think you will be surprised how well you respond in a competitive atmosphere even though you are feeling fatigued.

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