Tuesday 16 March 2010

Monday made easy

I was pretty stiff on Sunday and I was not the most energised person in the world, so I had a nice and light session on the Monday. I felt great after the session because I did a very comprehensive warm up and lots of bar work. I worked up to three Snatches with 90kg and two Power Clean and Jerks with 105kg and finished off with three triples with 145kg. All the weights were enough to tax the system but leave feeling energised and fresher afterwards.

I ended up using Colin's cardboard roller for my hips, glutes, IT bands, calves and quads. I also did some stretching with Harry and Zag. I had an ART session this evening in Port Laois to sort out my right shoulder and give me a general tune up. I will train tomorrow morning because I have a bank holiday and then I will train again on Thursday, with Friday being a light active recovery session. This should lead me in nicely for the Irish squad session in Coolmine, Dublin over the weekend. I will be aiming to lift heavier on Saturday than I did in Limerick last Saturday.

Here is a blooper reel video from the Weekend and also a few clips from when we were trapped in Gatwick airport trying to get home from our training camp in Woking. Paudie is the star yet again, but I think the rest of us can deal with that.


bigphathar said...

Funniest. Video. Ever. "I'll fight you for a fiver, I'll beat you for a tenner..." Classic!

Paudie may be the star, but who knew Sami was the comedy voiceover of the new millenium!?!?

Anonymous said...

Barry/Sami- i now have another 6 rollers to give away!Also i found another self-myofascial release tool in a local pound shop- a large hard tennis ball for pet dogs!It really gets into the hammies and calves.

Anonymous said...


Take care of Kris this weekend. I want to see a 200 total minimum (87, 113)!

Have a good camp.


Barry said...


My roller got nicked and I am using Sami's. I would love to grab another off you; they are doing wonders for my soft tissue health.


Kris will take care of himself I am sure; I have a feeling he will lift some pb's this weekend.

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