Thursday 6 May 2010

Thursday's takeover

I had another positive session today and even though I did not go quite so heavy, it was still productive. Germans was not there to spur me on, but Harry and Gillian were excellent training partners! As I will be away the next three days, like yesterday I had to change up the program a bit. Here is what I did:

Snatch--2x3@50 1x2@70, 90 1x1@95, 100, 104 xx--I was only supposed to go up to 100, but I got a little carried away. I had prepared mentally for 100 and as you will see on the video, it was fast enough.

Power Clean and Jerk--I did these instead of full Cleans because my soleus and calf muscles were sore from the last few days of lifting and squatting. I worked up with doubles with 70 and 90 and then singles with 100, 110, 115 and 120kg. They felt fast and powerful and my Jerk technique was far smoother than the last few days.

Front Squat--1x3@70, 1x2@100 1x1@120, 140, 150, 160, 165--This equalled my pb and it felt relatively comfortable. I have not gone heavy in the Front Squat in a long time so I know that pb will be smashed soon enough. More important is getting all the squatting volume in though.I must get stronger!

Have a look at the video and let me know what you think. I will have a full week to get my training in next week, so I am looking forward to setting my base standard and inching things up a little more.


Anonymous said...

nice 100kg snatch barry. from watching yoru vids of the last week or so when the weight is getting heavy the ass is rising first so keep driving those hips in


Anonymous said...


I was interested in your comment in an earlier post regarding stimulants. Do you only take caffein on designated heavy sessions or competitions? Also do you exclude tea, coffee and colas from your diet?

I just thought your performance at the Irish Champs went against the grain of your training leading up to it and that the stimulant issue could be the reason?


Barry said...


You are right and you are a legend.


I do not drink tea or coffee at all and am extremely sensitive to caffeine. For my last competition, I took two guarana tablets that I prefer to caffeine--which generaly tends to make me a bit jittery.

The reason why I lifted more in that competition than I did in training is because I always do that. I love competing and I am happy on the platform. In my opinion, I lift at my best when I am in a competition and this has nothing to do with stimulants.

For the Irish champs, I took the same amount, if not less than I would take for a Saturday max out session. The week and a half before I trained up to 90% intensity which was enough for me to trust in my ability to lift when the pressure was on. Obviously at the moment I am trying to lift more in training and then I will know that I can bring more to the table for te Ulster Open in two and a half weeks.

I hope you and the guys you train with are training hard and loving the process!


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