Monday 3 May 2010

Saturday's set up

Saturday proved to be an invigorating session that will set myself and Zag up nicely for the next 3 week competitive intensity period in training. The previous day I had off, but I still did a good bit of prehab work on my shoulders and hips as well as some quality flexibility work. On the Saturday, we had a warm up session where we worked on technique and simply waking the body and mind properly. Wayne Healy and Alex were also there along with myself Zag and James Hanley. Alex is a Lativan 105 lifter who got 124/158 in running shoes last weekend and James is a brutally strong powerlifter who has excellent flexibility alongside an intelligent approach towards lifting.

In the second session I went up to 100 in the Snatch for five singles and I missed the second. It took me a good while to get into my stride, but I got there eventually. After a week of recovery and lifting pretty light, it simply took a bit of time to remind the body what it needs to do! I then went up to 120 in the Clean and Jerk for three singles and then did one with 130 because Wayne went up to it. You have to love the competitive edge! My 130 was by far my best Clean and Jerk of the day as was my last Snatch.

Myself and Zag tried Box Squats for a change after that and we are planning to do this movement once a week to help try an kick start our squats and give a new stimulis. They certainly felt different to regular squats and the change of scenery was welcomed with open arms. All that I will be doing for the next month is the classical lifts and squats and lots of them, so a nice variation that can help is always appreciated. I went up to 3 triples with 150 and after controlling the weight down, I stayed on the box for two seconds and then powered up the weight as fast as I could. They hit the legs in a different way to normal.

Have a look at the video below and lt me know what you think. There is a big month coming up for me and I want to get 118/150 in the Ulster Open on May 29th. I will get it once I prepare properly.



Eamonn Flanagan said...

Nice lifting, when is the new gym going to up up and running?

Wayne's clean technique is awesome. No "shrug", no extension at the ankle. Just enough in the pull to give him the time to whip under the bar and recover.

Harry said...

"What do you notice about Wayne's technique in the Clean?" It's dreamy...

Echoing what Eamonn says, maximum drive into the floor, fantastic whip under the bar, perfect catch of the bounce...

Too many (Irish) lifters focus on their second pull, but not on catapulting themselves under the bar and catching the bounce perfectly.

Consciously shrugging or extending onto the heels is a waste of time, but a perfect pull means they'll happen as a reaction (for some more than others) rather than an action.

And yes, your 130kg was your best one Barry...

James Hanley said...

You could probably call me an "ex-powerlifter" at this stage... Can't wait for the next comp. Hoping to see some big improvements.

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