Thursday 13 May 2010

Tuesday's taciturn appraisal

The full impact of the previous weekend hit me with a bang on Tuesday and considering the circumstances, I am happy with how the last two days' training has gone. Obviously sitting in a bus/ferry for 18 hours over three days is not good for, but I did not realise how fatiguing it would be for my back. Once I got over my initial disappointment and realised what was happening, I was able to view my training performance with greater clarity.

Aside from, warming up with a mixture of bar work, pre hab movements, calisthenics and dynamlic flexibility, here is what I did on Tuesday:

Power Snatch--3x3@50 1x2@70 1x1@ 80, 90, 96, 100--I caught this just above parallel and it was faster and more accurate than the previous week. At this stage, I was not feeling particularly great, but I just got on with it.

Clean and Jerk: 1x2 @ 60, 60, 90 1x1@ 110, 120, 127, 132x, 132, 136xx
It was my aim to Clean and Jerk 137 this week after getting 135 last week. My 132kg lift was a limit lift and looking back, I should have left it there. Even with the light weights I was struggling to keep any semblance of a locked back and with 132kg it felt like I was completely bowed over. With 136kg, for some reason I could not Clean the bar at all. My body refused to obey my mind. Looking back at the videos, I am really glad of this because it was an injury waiting to happen. I have a lot to thank my central nervous system for as I could not understand why I could not Clean the weight which would usually be so straight forward. I understood why this was happening and was actually happy with my 132kg because it was one of those lifts where your instinct is screaming at you not to go under the weight.

Mobility squats: 3x3@70kg 1x2@ 100
These are still very hard on my hips but for the first time I can feel some progress in the movement. Once I get better at these, I think my squatting will improve nicely as I will be able to get better leverages.

Have a look at this video and love it.


Anonymous said...

Good... Put more weight on the bar.

Anonymous said...

Love to read your blog. I used to do weightlifting myself til I get a strange injury. However, I hope to continue soon in this great sport. Like you I appreciate flexibilty and mobility training a lot. Here is also my question: What are mobility squat?

greetings from Germany.

Barry said...

I made a video of our mobility squats today so hopefully that will help. Thank you for the kind words and good luck with your own lifting.


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