Thursday 6 May 2010

Wednesday's weaponry

This turned out to be exactly the session I needed. I was lifting with Germans and we were both trying to outSnatch the other. I lost in the end, but damn it, it as fun! There was a fast tempo between attmepts and even though I was feeling sloppy at the beginning of the session, I focused on what needed to be done and turned it around. I am away this weekend on a three day tour with work, so I had to condense my week's training a little. I was supposed to only go up to 120 or so in the Clean and Jerk and then go to max on the Saturday, but since I will not be around then, I did it yesterday. Here is what I did:

I mixed in some joint mobility with bar work and dynamic felxibility.

Snatch--2x3@50 1x2@70, 90 1x1@100, 105, 110, 112 x, 112, 114 xx

I missed 112 the first time because I did not quite finish the pull, but I nailed it on the second go. I then missed 114 twice; it simply was not there on the day. Germans got the 114 and then hammered home 116kg to seal the deal.

Clean and Jerk--1x2@70, 70, 90 1x1@100,110 , 120, 125, 130, 135 xx
My Jerk was far better today and I did around 5 minutes of bar work which helped. The lifts felt great, but I missed 135 twice because my ryhthm and tempo were off a bit. I was letting the bar fall down on me in the catch and this caused me to miss the Clean. This can be easily fixed.

Back Squat--1x2@70, 100, 130, 150(83%) for six doubles.

I finished up with around 20 minutes of flexibility and a short sauna. All in all it was a good session. It was the first time I have Snatched over 110 in a regular training session and without any stimulants such as caffeine or guarana. Obviously I plan to inch up my lifts sensibly over the next two and a half weeks so that by the Ulster Open I will be raring to go. Have a look at the video and let me know if you spot anything that will help me.


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