Friday 30 April 2010

Thursday's terrace

This has been a busy last few days and it was perfect that this was the selected download week. After training on Sunday and doing my squats on Monday, I was left with a bit of leeway as life got in in the way this last few days. It is very rare that training is not my priority, but download week allows you to step back. I trained last night and I enjoyed the session immensely. I knew that my 3 week competition preparation was coming up which would also allow me a one week taper for the Ulster Open and everything is planned accordingly. It is a structure I feel very comfortable with and I can't wait to walk the walk.

Last night I went up to 95 in the Power Snatch and after some light Clean and Jerks which were a bit painful on my shoulder, I spent time doing some rehab work. I will train again today but treat it as a skill technique session and then Saturday will be heavier than yesterday to lead me into my 3 week comp period.

Here are two videos and it will be interesting to compare techniques and quality of lifting. I know which video I prefer watching, what about you>


Anonymous said...


We're now thinking early September might be a better time to go to Finland. Read the below and let me know what you think...


Hi Ari,

I'm so sorry I haven't come back to you sooner. I have talked to my guys and they are all very keen to make the trip but June is clearly not going to work. THe week ending with the competition on the 4th September could be a very good option.

THanks Ari.


Subject: RE: Ari Moilanen
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 06:49:34 +0300

Hi David

How is your training going on there? Have you decided yet the possible dates for the training camp in Rovaniemi?
If you would like also to compete in Finland here is some competition dates:
4th of July
Open Finnish Nationals in Rönni (separated snatch and clean and jerk competition with sinclairs points for juniors and seniors)
17th of July
Competition in Kalajoki (around 350 km from Rovaniemi to South)
7th of August
Competition in Leineperi (around 700 km from Rovaniemi to South, near Pori)
4th of September
Regional Championships in Rovaniemi (North Finland Championships)
17-18th of September
Finnish Nationals for juniors under 20/23 years old in Rovaniemi

Have a good weekend.


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