Wednesday 14 April 2010

A week's worth of training

I have been back from Amsterdam over a week now. I came back on the Monday morning and trained on the Tuesday and Wednesday. My hip was at me a bit from all the flexibility I have been doing so I left out training on Thursday and did some soft tissue work instead. I spent the time working on my first pull and adjusting to my new technique. On the Monday I was Power Snatching up to 88kg for a few reps and Clean and Jerked up to 120. On the Tuesday, I Snatched up to 90 for a few singles and Power Cleaned and Jerked up to 110 for a few singles also. I squatted all the time as well as worked on my mobility squats. I did not go heavy at all last week and simply tried to adjust to the work I did the previous week.

On Monday night, I Snatched up to 97kg for a three singles and Power Cleaned and Jerked 115 for three singles. I missed a few Snatches which was surprising. I was not putting enough finish in my pull and I was lacking in the speed department. Four days on holiday has left me a little too relaxed I think. I Back Squatted up to 150 for three doubles to finish with.

Last night, I Power Snatched up 93kg. 90 was fast and sharp, but after that I felt sluggish and got 93, but then missed it. I Clean adn Jerked up to 127 and then missed 132 twice which would be very rare for me. I was not getting the start of my pull sorted and this negatively affected how I finished the pull and this meant that I was not catching the bar. Very strange, but it has been a while since I have Clean and Jerked over 115 and 120, so I will have to accept it. I have no doubt that I will get used to the weights very quickly again, but it is a little gut check all the same. I am glad I spent time working on my technique, so now I need to get used to lifting some weight pretty quickly so that I can lift something decent in Seniors next weekend. I finished up with a light double on 140 in the Back squat and spent time stretching and doing some soft tissue work.

Here is part one of an interview with Tom Bruijnen, the Dutch coach I spent time with over in Amsterdam:


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