Sunday 25 April 2010

National's napalm in the morning

I ended up competing well yesterday and enjoyed myself in the process. There were a good few lifters who could not make it and were missed, but everyone who came gave it their all. I ended up hitting my targets of 116/147 and had a good day at the office. Zag hit 100/128 and missed the Jerk on 135kg. Byrdie hit 110/146 and made the Jerk that eluded him in the Europeans. Cillian hit pb's also as did many other lifters. All in all, it was a great competition. Here is what I did:

I weighed in at an easy 93.3kg. I cleaned up the diet over the last few weeks and dropped around 2kg of fat, so I ended up going down to 93.3kg because I knew that if I hit my targets at that weight, I would get a 300 sinclair for the first time. After the weigh in I ended up going home for two hours to chill out--Irish competitions only have one weigh in due to small numbers-- and I came back afterwards.

I lifted in the last group and my warm up went swimmingly. After ten minutes or so, I looked across at Alex--A Latvian lifter in his first Irish competition. He wore runners when lifting!--who was just having a good time. I recognised that I was getting far too intense and then I just chilled out a bit and ended up Snatching well. Here was my warm up: 3x2@40 1x2@60 1x1@80, 90, 99, 104--I actually Power Snatched my last two warm ups because although my technique felt great, I was not finishing the pull.

My opener was with 108kg and it was fast, but hit out front a little so I had to adjust at the bottom a bit before rising. This was the first time I have ever been able to do this in a competition. I then moved onto 112kg and this felt far more in the groove and for my third attempt I went up to 116kg which I had missed in my last two competitions. This felt sweet again and it was the way I lifted, rather than the weight, that pleased me. I can feel my technique getting sharper and it was very encouraging.

For the Clean and Jerks, I warmed up with doubles with 60 and then singles with 80, 100, 115, 125 and my last warm up was with 131kg which I actually missed in the Jerk! I went out a few minutes later to an opener of 137kg and hit it pretty easily. Looking at the videos I can see my weight was not over the bar enough and that I was leaning back a little much in all the Cleans and using my back a little early. This should be easily fixable. I then went up to 143kg and 147kg for my final attempt. Like my Snatch, this was a 1kg pb and I was happy to get it because I have not been hitting many heavy Clean and Jerks lately.

I am already looking forward to the Ulster Open on May 29th and I should be hitting bigger weights as I am two weeks into my competition period of training and this will get me used to the heavier Clean and Jerks again. What I want in Ulster is 118/150. One step at a time and if it is there, I will go and get it. If not, so be it. I need to keep getting stronger and more disciplined in the mind and I should be getting the lifts that I have the potential to get. Love the journey.

I only have a few videos, so liet me know if you have any constructive criticism:


Sean Flanagan said...

super lifting guys!

gentledoc said...

Excellent work Barry, congrats to you and your mates! Well-done!

Harry said...

Good day at the gym Barry-John, there's 118 and 150 there for you in May, we just have to plan it right. Always fun to coach you when you're in that mood. See you Tuesday for a chat.

Sami requires a particular mention; he's had a rotten few weeks in work and actually had to go and work for a few hours after he weighed in.

He looked wrecked before he lifted but made a very easy 100kg and looked like he has a lot more in the tank. Did 120, 128 with ease, then called to 135 to go into the lead on body weight. Came very close to getting the jerk, just rushed it slightly.

He's got a winners mentality and he's gonna be a big name in Irish weightliftng!

Harry said...
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Harry said...

Thought I should also mention that the guys from UL lifted fantastically, especially Sull and of course, Cathal. Nothing quite like seeing someone do something no Irish person have ever done before, well done Cathal!

Sull lifted better than I've seen him lift before; both in terms of technique and weight. Lots more there...

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