Thursday 8 April 2010

Saturday's snapper

Tom hosted an informal controlled competition in his gym Sportsquest on Saturday. It turned out to be great fun and Zag got a beutiful 3 kg pb with 105kg in the Snatch. I was not in the same mode and was actually quite stiff from all the soft tissue work on the Friday. I felt good, but lacked that bit of pop needed to Snatch a new pb.

As you will see in the video below, I have videos of everyone except for Ryan Shinn. Zag lifted extremely well and his obvious improvements in the catch position of the lift were obvious. He had geared himself up for this all week and as you will see in the video, there is more to come. I only Snatched my opener of 108kg and missed 113kg twice. The finish and the speed were not there and I felt very disappointed. My postural muscles and upper back and shoulders were pretty stiff and I did not display the improved first pull I had worked on. Loking back on it now I can see why this happened, but at the time I allowed my disappointment to affect my Clean and Jerks and again, I only lifted my opener of 130kg which is usually a solid Power Clean and Jerk. I was pretty tired and let my expectations get in the way of simply going with the flow and emjoying the moment. I will learn from the experience though.

I have included a short interview with a Dutch weightlifting legend towards the end on the video and he lifted some serious numbers back in the day. He is 48 years old and after 4 months back training after a number of years off, he is an animal! Have a look at the video below and leave any constructive criticism you think may help.


Laura Nolan said...

Go Zag! Yay for snatch PBs.

Zig, get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Well done Zag, 105 snatch pb looked easy, 110 is just around the corner, end of year target snatch should be 120

Zag said...

Thanks for positive comments guys!!!! Looking forward to next competition and nailing down a 230kg total and then building on it from comp to comp!!!

hassan said...

please can you let me know where this training camp is?

Barry said...

This training camp was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was in a gym called Sportquest and the coach was Tom Bruijnen. I am back in Dublin, Ireland now though.

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