Saturday 17 April 2010

Saturday's simplicity

I had a nice training session on Friday where I simply Snatched up to 80kg and Front Squatted up to 140kg for a nice and easy single. This workout was as much as an active recovery workout as it was a technical one. I was actually quite stiff from the previous day's workout and subsequent stretching and soft tissue work.

Today, I had two enjoyable sessions. I did a short power up session with James for around 45 minutes which was basically a warm up and a few Snatch doubles with 60kg. We had an hour break, for a quick bite to eat and an espresso. For the second session, Byrdie, Wayne, and Killer McNamara joined us, as did a Latvian 105kg lifter Alex, who Snatched 115kg quite easily and Clean and Jerked 140 like it was not there. It ended up being a productive session for everyone. I was able to up the intensity a little bit again as was Killer and James; Byrdie and Wayne were able to get the volume in that they needed. Here is what I did:

Snatch--1x2@40, 40, 60, 80, 90 1x1@95, 100, 105, 110--I missed this the first time and got it on the second attempt. It felt like my max on the day, so I knew to leave it there. I only have the miss on video and it felt like I swung back on it a bit rather than extended up. The video below shows this, but not the 110 attempt I made!

Clean and Jerk--I was feeling sharp with these and worked up to singles with 100, 110, 120, 125 and 130. Each lift felt sharper and I was feeling more like myself and getting used to lifting 90% weights again. I got up to 135kg and Cleaned it twice and missed the Jerk twice. This was very surprising as it did not feel particularly heavy; it felt like I was messing up my Jerk dip; that I was off balance and thus not putting my full power into the Jerks. Looking at the videos, it seems that my knees were not going out, but rather too far forward which almost had me leaning back as I was trying to get my back locked. This can be very easily fixed, so I am not worried.

Back Squat--I had to hurry with these due to life getting in the way of training, so I worked up to an easy double with 150 in the Back Squat and left it there.

I have Nationals this time next week. My training cycle was been disrupted due to my training camp in Amsterdam and change in grip and me being an idiot when I did the Russian squat cycle and tried to Snatch to max so that I was completely burnt out. However, I consider myself a platform lifter and I always lift better in competitions so I feel I can and should get small pr's in both lifts. I have the strength and technique to get 120/150 so I need to get used to lifting maximum weights now that I have been working on my technique for the last while. Bring it on! Have a look at the video and leave any constructive criticism you may have.


Anonymous said...

Lads - please take a read of the below e-mail exchange and let me know whether you're interested:


Hi Ari

Many thanks for the quick response.

I have a small but enthusiastic squad of lifters and we think Finland might be the perfect location for a Summer training camp. I know from conversations with Steve Gough that you share a similar training philosophy and I'd love the opportunity to 'pick your brains'. I think I could learn alot from your experiences coaching at an elite level and from your time in Bulgaria.

I coach 4 lifters and also have strong links with several lifters in Ireland who may be interested in tagging along. One of my close friends is a 69kg lifter with similar pbs to Cody.. We were thinking of 5th June til the 11th June as that is a few weeks out from the British Championships / Commonwealth Qualifer on the 26th June. These dates would allow us to join you on 3 maximum sessions - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Could you let me know if these dates are convenient on your side? Also if you could let me know the likely cost for accomodation etc that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


T: 004 7969165957

Subject: RE: Ari Moilanen
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 07:19:27 +0300

Hi David and Mike

You are very warmly welcome to Rovaniemi, Finland to train with us. I have here also two lifters (Richard Patterson 85 kg/150+200=350 and Cody Cole 69/77 kg 122+152=274) from New Zealand to train with me. They are here from 28th of May to 2d of October.

Rovaniemi is the largest city (land area) in Europe but the population is only around 60 000. This is very famous city in world wide because the real Santa Claus lives here and hundred of thousands tourists visit here every year (especially on winter time) to see him. Of course the situation of the city has a huge market value (Arctic Circle goes through the city). This part of North Finland is called Lapland.

The climate is nice (warm summers and cold winters) because the Gulf Stream (starts from the Caribbean Sea) keeps the climate warm (especially on winter) here in the North Europe. Otherwise this part of Europe would be as cold as it is in North Canada or Siberia in Russia.

In weightlifting sport Rovaniemi is the head quarter of Finland. We have had, and still have, lot of good lifters doing their training here. We (sports club Ounasvaaran Atleetti Klubi) train in the Rovaniemi Sports Institute (Santasport). This is a complex of Indoor track and field hall (includes also all wolley ball, basket ball etc. courts), swimming hall (excellent pools, hot/cold water, saunas etc.), ice hockey rink (hall), indoor soccer hall etc. Also the nature is nice and we have excellent venues for the outdoor sports here, too.

We have 4 females and 10 males Eleiko bars and plates and 5 big platforms and a lot of space to do additional training here, too. This is a good place for whole family to come and enjoy the nature of Lapland. I can ask the offer of the Institute (accommodation, meals, training, etc.).

Rovaniemi is very easy to reach from all over the world. First to Helsinki (our capital city) and then to Rovaniemi (1 hour flight). You may also compete here in Finland at the weightlifting competitions we have here.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best sporting regards

Ari Moilanen

Harry said...

Knees going forward a bit to much in the jerk dip, and looked like the head was poked back a bit too much. Easily solved as you say; a nice light week for you this week followed by some big lifts on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

"Light week this week"

Hahahaha as opposed to the heavy sessions of the last month...

Koing said...


So you guys up for the Helsinki trip?


Barry said...

Hi Koing,

Have not talked to the lads about it yet. I don't think I will be able to go because I might be going away that week. Thanks to David for the invite and the parody. Talk to you both soon.


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