Tuesday 20 April 2010

Monday's marble topped assumptions

I had a short and compact training session on Monday and everything was done swiftly. I felt pretty good after the weekend and in better fettle than I would most Mondays. As I am just getting back to hitting weights that are around 90% or a little over, I was fresh and eager to lift.

I worked up to 95kg for two Snatches and a Power Snatch just to get a little more speed in the pull. I was supposed to work up to 115kg in the Clean and Jerk but my shoulder was pinging me in the catch portion of the Jerk so I left it at 110 which felt light and fast--which it should do! I sorted out my Jerk dip by going straight down and letting the legs go out rather than straifght forward. This kept me in balance and allowed me use my improved technique in the Jerk. I followed these with Front Squats and worked up to a double with 140kg which felt nice and smooth. I did a bit of flexibility work with Zag afterwards and that concluded the session.

As I have not had the run up to this comptition to require a taper, my approach this week will be a little different to what it would normally be, but I will talk to Harry about it and see what we come up with. Each session I lift a little better than before, both technically and power wise. I am really looking forward to competing on Saturday just for the hell of it; lift what you can and enjoy doing it.

Here is the parody Woodso made of my interviewing and training style which some of you have a chuckle over:


Anonymous said...

yo snatches look great ..... just be wary of the ass lifting before the shoulders really squeeze the hips in off the floor like chick battered into us for a week

handsome murph

Harry said...

Ass did come up a little early on the Power Snatch, but Snatch looked good...

Murphington, remember weigh-in this Saturday is 9-10, not 11-12!

CathalByrd said...

Murph makes his own weigh-in time. BOOM!

Got to hand it to Woodso, very creative... Vintage Woodser.

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