Monday 12 April 2010

Sunday's star turn

I have been away for the last few days, hence the lack of updates. I am editing the interview I took with Tom on the last day and also one I took with Sander.

On the last day of the training camp we worked mainly on the Clean and Tom also showed us a variety of active and dynamic warm ups designed to warm up the whole body. We began working on the first pull in the Clean. True to form, Tom had us over-exaggerate a little and had me start my hips a little higher than usual. He also got me to relax my arms and generally relax into the position more while locking up the back. This felt pretty comfortable and I am looking forward to practicing this with heavier weights. Keeping the arms more relaxed will also help emphasise the finish of the pull, and therefore the speed and fluidity of the catch.

We then worked on the process of shrugging an empty bar up and whipping the elbows around in the catch. This was an interesting exercise and I found it quite helpful. I already knew this, but was failing the apply the principle that the stronger your finish is, the stronger and more centred your catch will be. We then proceeded to work on this principle with some Power Cleans where I tried to combine a fast hip extension and a shrug. This is always tricky, particularly when you are working on more than one technical point. I can't really focus on more than one point, so the ego needs to be taken out and the mind focused on one coaching cue.

We did more work on the Back Squat technique and again, I found this very tough on my hips and back. I have worked on this for the last week and it is hard, but you have to get to the point where your back is locked and allow the weight get you down a bit farther. It is very demanding because it is my instinct to load up the bar and lift as heavy as I can, but there is a time for that and there is a time for working on your technique. I need to work on both.

Sander showed up to train during the session and he showed us some more soft tissue techniques that are immediately applicable. Here is a link to one of the main influences on his approach to flexibility. Here is another link to an interesting style of soft tissue work that I have found helpful in the past and both Sander and Tom showed me a few different ways to apply the system. I have bought the manual from the website and will learn how to apply it better.

I am currently making the twp part video of Tom's interview as well as an interview with Sander who demonstrates his methods on Zag.


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Zag is awesome...

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Thanks Byrdie,

Your right, that top is awesome.

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i does me think some1 looks like they have been enjoying amsterdam properly if one knows what i do be on about

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