Wednesday 21 April 2010

Tuesday's tingling sense of anticipation

My build up of momentum continued apace yesterday and each session is building on the last. Last week I missed 132kg twice in the Clean and I only Clean and Jerked 127. Every time I lift I am getting more used to the heavier weights again and getting sharper and more precise. As the focus was on the Clean and Jerk yesterday, I Power Snatched up to a weight that required a bit of speed without draining me.

Power Snatch--1x2@50, 50, 50, 60 1x1@70, 80, 90

Clean and Jerk--1x2@60, 60 1x1@80, 100, 110, 120, 127, 132
Each rep got a little sharper and I made sure that in my Jerk dip, my knees went out rather than forward. This kept my balance and centre of gravity where it needed to be and the bar went where it was supposed to go. My right shoulder was still at me a bit, but it was not really a problem.

Back Squat--3x3@60 working on mobility. 1x2@110 1x1@130, 140, 150, 160
Again, I worked up to a single that would stimulate my legs enough without fatiguing them. They need to be fresh for Saturday!

That was it. I crowned the session off with a little soft tissue work and a 10 minute sauna and cold shower for relaxation and recovery. I will train on Thursday where I Snatch up to 90% in as few singles as possible. I will do a bit of Jerk skill work and squat high enough to stimulate my cns without faiguing it.

Here is a video of the man who I try to model myself after as a lifter:

And here is just an awesome video:


Anonymous said...

How many sessions do you intend to have this week?

The more sessions you have the more you will carry some fatigue imo so less is more man! Mon, Wed, rock out at the comp on Sat or Sunday!


Anonymous said...

i just hope you can avoid the 4 million knee operations he has endured and his drugs ban .......


Eamonn Flanagan said...

Bruce Lee got banned for Drugs?

Harry said...

"Bruce Lee got banned for Drugs?"


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the weekend everyone...

Let me know if you're interested in lifting at Crystal Palace on the 29th and I'll speak to Keith.


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