Monday 26 April 2010

Sunday's smuggled squats

I decided to try training the day after my competition on the Saturday to see how this would affect my next few days. Intensity was not that high but it was more the active recovery aspect I was looking at and getting more repititions in keep learning skill. Here is what I did:

Snatch: I did a good few sets with 40kg, 60kg and a few singles with 70kg focusing on speed, precision and also simply working out any tension I had from the previous day. I worked of 20kg plates initialy and gradually descended down to 5kg plates and then the floor. My back was a bit stiff, but that was to be expected.

Modified RDL--3x5@90kg--I did these to stimulate the back and postural muscles.

Power Clean and Press--3x3@70kg--I simply did these because I have not pressed in so long and wanted to do something different.

Back Squat--3x3@70kg for mobility and then doubles with 110, 130, 140 and 150 to finish with. These felt great and I am glad I went up 83% for a double.

I am going to squat up to 150 again today as an active recovery workout for three doubles and leave it there aside from some basic movement drills to improve my mobility. Aside from a little sleep that I need to catch up on, I feel great, so bring on the next few weeks! Here is Byrdie's 146kg Clean and Jerk which we all knew he could get. I have a funny feeling he will be nailing 150 very soon.....


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