Friday 30 October 2009

Friday's fortunes

Myself and Zag got down to Limerick for around 5 in the evening so we trained an hour later and the change of scene was invigorating. Neither of us was fresh or fast in our lifting, but we enjoyed the session anyway. Here is what we did:

Snatch--2x3@40 1x2@60, 70 1x1@90, 95 miss due to not finishing the pull. I then got it, and Snatched 100 for three singles. They were not fast in the slightest, but they felt close and upon looking at the video below, I stayed over the bar better then before.

Snatch Pulls--1x2@100, 105, 110, 115--My bacl lock was not as pristine as I wanted, but it was ok. My pull trajectory was ok and I needed to get my knees out of the way quicker which I think would help me keep my back locked.

Jerk from the rack--Because I am training tomorrow I left out the squats with this movement. I started off with two triples with 60 and then on an absurd competitive streak with Byrdie, we jumped straight to 120 to see if we could get it. We did and it turned out to be my best Jerk of the day because I had to put so much into it. I then nailed 120 again, got 130, 140 and missed 145. I then got 145 with an outrageous press out, but I still got it up there. It was out front and like my jerks yesterday, they lacked control. I still enjoyed it though. Byrdie nailed 150 and 155kg and Zag nailed 120 and just missed 125kg.

We finished off with some flexibility and contrast showers with a sauna and steam room which helped us feel all the fresher for tomorrow. Leave any comments that you see fit and which can be helpful.


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