Tuesday 20 October 2009

Tuesday's transcience

I felt like a drunken post Christmas eve Santa Claus all day, but I came out of the gym in far better shape than I went in. I felt pretty rough all day and I was not as motivated and optimistic as usual. It is great having Zag to train with again because he helped me clear my mind and just get on with it. We had some fun with the counter movement jump electronic test at the start of our warm up. Zag got 45.8 and I got 42.5. Neither score is much good, but we were both feeling pretty ropy, and it was just for some fun.

I had a good warm up with lots of pre hab and Overhead Squats with the bar. I tried to sort out what Harry was pointing out last night, which was that I was not staying over the bar and that was causing me to hit the bruised area above my groin. I took it light and slow at first, but I worked up to three singles with 80 in the Power Snatch and they felt slow, but smoother than before.

I then went on to the Clean and Jerk where I tried to relax my wrists in the Jerk. They felt more secure and smooth with this slight change. I worked up to singles with 110 and two with 15kg, both are in the video below, so let me know what you think. In the Clean, I tried to get my feet out in the catch and I succeeded a bit. I followed these with Front Squat triples up to 140kg and I left it at that.

I tried to keep the volume down because I was tired and I ended up having a decent session that I enjoyed, unlike last night where I felt like throwing all my toys out of the pram. I have a yoga session tonight which I am looking forward to so off I go.

Here is a Snatch from Pat Mendes, the 19 year old I trained with in Vegas. It is scary because in this video he Snatches 182.5 and he has just gotten 185 in training also. He has been lifting for 18 months and he weighs in at 135kg, 10 kg heavier than when I trained with him.


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