Wednesday 7 October 2009

Tuesday's tips from Wayne

I had another enjoyable session training with Zag and Wayne. I was relatively fresh and happy to see how things went for the day.

My scoop point was still sore, so instead of Power Snatches I did Hang Power Snatches. I worked up to 4 or 5 singles with 90 and then another 4 or 5 singles with 80. Wayne was trying to get me to stay over the bar more and get rid of a habit I have gotten into of initiating the pull too early which causes me to swing the bar out and back again. This was the way I learned the pulls from Harry also, but habits have a habit of forming.

Another thing I noticed from watching Wayne lift last week was that when he finishes his pull getting under the bar, his wrists tend to stay very relaxed and he seems to flip the bar over. My wrists are far more tense and tighter which causes the arms to tighten up also. I tried to flip the bar over with the wrists and it felt great because the bar was back in position better and my arms were more relaxed. Have a look at Wayne's Snatch and maybe you can see what I mean and write down what you think of the idea:

Here is one of his lifts from Saturday and see if you can spot the same thing from a different angle. Look at his turnover of the bar:

I also did some Clean and Jerks and worked up to 3 singles with 110. I was working on a quicker extension and quicker catch in the Clean. In the Jerk I also tried that more relaxed wrist feel, but it is something that I need to try more before I can judge it properly. I finished off the session with a Front Squat double with 140 and a single with 150kg.


Anonymous said...

Just to stimulate debate: Wondering if you pull the bar too vertically from the floor at the start of the first pull. Wayne seems to have the barbell behind the vertical line with the barbell going back towards the the body right from the off.

Anonymous said...

That said there is always individual differences in technique and you are trying to lift the bar vertically and to limit horizontal movement.

Barry said...

I am not sure, but possibly I do. It is not something that I am too concerned about once the bar does not travel forwards. Interesting idea though.

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