Friday 16 October 2009

Friday's fountain of youth

I decided to train today instead of yesterday because I was pretty run down. Today was supposed to be a light session and I enjoyed it. There was a good atmosphere in the gym and Gillian and Karen are lifting well. Harry even did some Power Clean triples for a laugh.

I worked up to 80kg for Power Snatch doubles, focusing on extending up and letting the elbows break over the bar with a nice and snappy turnover. It felt nice lifting off the ground in the Snatch which I have not done since Cork.

I then did a few Power Cleans and Jerks and worked up to a Power Clean with 100 followed by 7 Jerks in a row. I wanted to see if i could beet 9 Jerks with 100 in Scotland, but I did that from the rack. I power Cleaned it this time. Have a look at the video:

I finished off with three triples with 130kg in the Back Squat and some band work for my mid traps and rhomboids. Well done to Sami and Cathal in Poland. You both did us all proud. Next week I will be back to training normally and I can get on with getting ready for the Northern Ireland Open.


Chae said...

LOL, nice lifting. Never seen someone rep out on jerks before.

Barry said...

I just did it for a bit of fun really. I also find that it is good for skill development, because the only way you can get the last few is to get them technically accurate.

Anonymous said...

i am so trying this at training tomorrow night i'll let you know how i do


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