Monday 12 October 2009

Monday's monkey business

I had a nice light session today as this week is light week. Which is nice. I worked on my first pull in the Snatch and wildly exaggerated and over compensated staying over the bar which got me staying wayyyyyyy too far over with my hips in the air. This week I will drill my first pull in the Snatch with light weights. A lot. I am going to give it a lot of my training time and I will enjoy doing so. I worked off a three or four inch block with some Snatch pulls today, but I tihnk it was a bit high to start with.

I also did Power Clean + Squat Clean up to 100 for four doubles. I worked on keeping the arms relaxed, or as Tommy told me earlier, "athletically tense". I am hoping this will stop me pulling with the arms while allowing me to get under the bar quicker.

After these, I Back Squatted up to 140 for three doubles, did around twenty minutes of stretching and band work for my scapular health and called it a day. I will leave you with some vintage comedy:


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