Tuesday 6 October 2009

Monday's medicine

Here is a short video of some of the other lifts that I have from Saturday. Unfortunately, I only have a few lifts because I was helping the Leinster ladies with the Clean and Jerk portion of their lifts because Sami was warming up.

I had my usual training session on Monday. My scooping point for the Snatch was sore from Saturday--which meant that I had changed it slightly because I was not staying over the bar long enough in my eargerness to initiate the pull. This meant that I performed Hang Snatches from below the knee. This forced me to stay over the bar better and as such, get my natural scooping point. I worked up to singles with 100, 103 and 105, which I missed forst and then got.

I then went onto Power Cleans and I went up to singles with 115 and 120, which I only Squat Cleaned. They felt good though and I was focusing on getting as quick a catch as possible. I was supposed to do a Power Clean and Squat Clean combination, but I was happy to take some of the volume out for this session.

I worked up to a double with 150 in the Back Squat and I left it at that. Ten minutes of stretching and I was done. I enjoyed the session and I am already looking forward to the run up to the Northern Ireland Open in five and a half weeks. Here is a short video of some of my lifts in this session.


Anonymous said...

where is kevin darcy?

Barry said...

Kevin has started a masters' degree in physiotherapy in Aberdeen, Scotland. We missed him in Cork and hopefully we shall see him when a few of us go over to the Greater London Open in December.

Anonymous said...

Please can you elaborate on that weightlifting jargon "scooping point".

Barry said...

The scooping point is where the bar makes contact with the body, usually the hip area, on the way up in either the Snatch or the clean. I was hitting a slightly different area because of an over-eagerness in initiatig the pull, and that area is bruised. Hopefully this explains it.

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