Monday 19 October 2009

Monday's monstrosity

Tonight, I had the co-ordination of this guy who just wanted one more beer:

I had a good warm up for around 20 minutes and I was feeling pretty good in general. When I started Snatching, they felt slow,but ok in general. Then came the paralysis by analysis and then came the wrong pulling trajectory and this hit the nearly recovered bruised scooping point. I got up to a single with 95kg and I left it there. Everything felt wrong and when I started to Snatch Pull, I left them also. Although I did not react like this kid, I really wanted to. Harry reacted like the father. Watch till the end, because Gillian was the amused sister recording the event.

I then changed over to Power Clean/Squat Clean combo and I worked up to three doubles with 106kg. The only way I could lift them was if I thought of nothing at all and just lifted straight away. I followed these inordinantly hard lifts with three doubles of 140 in the Back Squat for some nice and easy squats to finish off one hell of a workout.


Gill said...

The video is funny because it's so, so true... you even share the same wacky pants fetish with the kid...

Anonymous said...

If you try to do the snatch under conscious control you are in trouble, the lifts are too fast. Trevor

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