Monday 20 July 2009

Monday's marvels

I was supposed to be away for five days, but things did not pan out as expected. I feel like a different person after four days off training and I have finished working in the Summer Camp that I did for two weeks--which was actually far more tiring than I expected!

This morning I did an enjoyable primer session and here was the plan:

A warm up with some bar work and a medicine ball.
1. 1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch--I worked up to a nice and easy double with 80, which felt fast and locked in.

2. Good morning to press behind neck--1x5 @ 40, 50, 60

3. Clean Grip RDL--My back lock gave out on me the previous day so I performed these to activate and wake up my lower and mid back. 1x5@70, 80, 90

I finished off the first session with some partner flexibility.

Session 2

1. Snatch doubles—I worked up to an easy double with 80 and then my form deserted me with 90, and I struggled to Snatch it even though this is an easy Power Snatch. I left it there but in hindsight I should have reverted to Hang Snatches. Lesson learned.

2. Snatch Pulls—I worked up to a double with 110 and these also did not feel right so I left them.

3. Same story with the Cleans. It felt like I was re-learning the movement. Can five days off have this much of an effect?

4. Front Squat—I needed to salvage the session and I felt like my strength was ok, if not my co-ordination. I worked up to a double with 110 and then did singles with 120, 130, 140, 150, 160 for a pb and 165 for a second pb. These felt good and i am glad something came of this strange workout.

Here is a video of Sami, who got pb’s today in his Power Clean + Squat Clean double—112kg, his Snatch double—87.5kg and his Back Squat double and single with 155kg. I think it is safe to say he has more in him and that Harry’s masterplan is working. My Front Squats are also included. Any constructive criticism is welcome as always.


snatch_pete said...

What are yours and Sami's BW's these days?

Barry said...

I am 98/99kg and Sami is 88kg. Once I come back from the States, I will be bringing my weight back down to 95/96.

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