Wednesday 22 July 2009

Wednesday's worrying slip into old habits

I had a fun session today and some close analysis was needed after I got home and looked at the videos closely. The plan was to Power Snatch to max and to Back Squat to max. But, it did not quite work out like that. Here is what I did:

A relatively short warm up with the bar ensued because time was short.

Power Snatch--
1x1@70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95--A new training Power Snatch pb. It is on the video below.

Squat Snatch--1x1@98, 100--These were very close to being Power Snatches, but they felt very fast.

Snatch--Myself and Sami agreed I was looking fast so I wanted ot see what would happen. Straight afterwards I regretted it, but then I analysed the videos closely and I think I may have found out why I have not been able to keep that back lock over 100kg.
1x1@106 and then I missed 111 and 109. The misses and successes are below. I could not understand how I was able to keep my back locked two weeks ago and not since then, so I looked at the videos from then and anaylsed them very closely. I realised that I was trying to do over the last two weeks was to lock my back isometrically, when before, Tom had me actively pulling with my mid and upper back along with my legs. This helped me keep that lock and maintain my back angle throughout the first pull.

Now, because I am not actively pulling with my mid/upper back, my ass rises too early and this means I have to swing it in the pull, which also causes me to jump backwards while the bar goes forwards. Because I sorted out my first pull, these two things were not happening, unlike now. I have to sort this out and regroove my first pull. I cannot go back to the way I was lifting before. Have a look at the video and leave any comments if you can help.


snatch_pete said...

Is this the Hercules?

Sometimes I find if I power snatch all the way up I am not comfortable when it comes to squat snatch weights. Would this also possibly be a factor?

Barry said...

Looking back on them, I was too tense and over pulling as well as the fact that I could not keep my back locked. My pull was just a little off and this was exposed more on the full Snatch weights.

Franklin said...

I'm sure you saw this, but just in case not, at :20 with 109kg, you are just finishing the 1st pull with your shins fully vertical. However, it looks like your chest is not over the bar enough and your back is slightly rounded. Compare this with at :13 with 106kg at the same position. This time your chest is nicely over the bar. Perhaps some heavy snatch hi-pulls might help.

Harry said...

I think Pete's analysis of trying to Snatch after essentially Power-Snatching through all your warm-ups is astute and accurate.

I saw it yesterday at the Leinster Open when a lifter was asked by his coach why he was power snatching all of his warm-ups. the anser was that he didn't need to snatch them as he could PS them. When he went on the platform he missed a few snatches that I think he could have easily got if he'd been physically and mentally in the groove to snatch rather than power snatch. Also, you need more energy to PS the same weight rather than snatch it.

I can identify with this as I've made the mistake before (in both training and competition) but snatching after Power snatching relatively heavy weights is not a good idea, no matter how good the weights feel as they fly up.

Barry said...

Thank you for the feedback gentlemen, it is much appreciated.

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