Friday 17 July 2009

Wednesday's wretched lack of co-ordination and motor skills

I wanted to do a quick testing on Wednesday, but I needed to listen to the body a bit more. I was still wrecked, but I gave it a bash anyway. My basic co-ordination felt pretty ropy and I was unable to keep a basic back lock which was a bit annoying. My speed felt great though, particularly after watching Zlatan Vanev in the Ironmind Unbelievable Bulgarians tape. I was able to Snatch 100 and 105 due to a quick second pull despite no back lock, so I suppose I have to be happy with that. The problem was that this back lock absenteeism was causing me to swing the bar out too much. I missed 109 twice, and it did not feel heavy, but more that I felt a complete lack of co-ordination. Here is a video of the lifts and a surprise return of an Irish weightlifting legend-turned coach in action also.
I will be away for 5 days, but I am a third of the way through a three part article, so I will finish that off over the next few days. This means I will have more than my anticipated 5 days off, but I played a full game of tag rugby last night and I am burnt out, so I think I need the rest.


bigphathar said...

Wretched overdevelopment of the anterior deltoid, rising on his toes a little early on 2 of the 3 pulls, weirdly atrophied quads and I sense that he has some serious flexibility problems...

Devilishly handsome though.

Barry said...

At least you aren't being harsh on yourself Harry... I thought you did ok for a has-been.

snatch_pete said...

Harry Leech training! Rare footage indeed, this could be worth a small fortune on ebay

Does Part II of this video involve the bar getting to the shoulders?! ;)

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