Sunday 5 July 2009

Sunday's standing on the 'I need to work on my Jerk' issue

Today was another intense session down in the University of Limerick. Yesterday, we Snatched to maximum and Sami Clean and Jerked to max while I went easy on them. Today I went to max on the Clean and Jerks.

Glute activation warm up with some bar work

1. Power Snatch--I worked up to a single with 85kg and I left it at that.

2. Clean and Jerk--My shoulder girdle was quite stiff in the beginning of the session and everything was a bit slow. I worked my way into it and did singles with 100, 110, 120 and on the first attempt of 130, I cleaned it easily but the bar landed on my wind-pipe so I dropped it at the top. I got a nice success with the next attempt.

I then went up to 135kg and I missed the Jerk on this because I went onto my toes on the Jerk dip and lost it forward. I got it nicely on my second attempt. I then went to 140kg, and I cleaned it twice, but missed the Jerk both times. On the first, my left elbow gave out with a poor lock. On the second, I tried to get my chest through, but ended up pushing through too much and lost it behind. This was frustrating because the Cleans felt very solid, but I could not quite get the Jerks in tune today.

3. Zombie Squats--After foolishly going for 140 a third time after finishing and then mentally switching off for five minutes, I hurt my wirst slightly when the Clean fell on top of me. This meant I could not Front Squat so on Cathal's suggestion, I tried the Zombie Squat which is the same as a Front Squat except that your arms reach out in front of the bar like a Zombie, instead of gripping. like in a Front Squat. I worked up to a triple with 130 and singles with 140 and 150kg. These ensure that you have a locked back and core and you can only go as low as you can keep your back locked.

Sami ended up Cleaning and then Power Cleaning 120, but narrowly missed the Jerk twice. He also got a 15kg pb in his one rep max in the Front Squat, which was due a long time. Here is a video of our lifting and some of the banter, so any constructive criticism would be fantastic.


Harry said...

A few thoughts:

1. Zombie squats are so called because of the face Barry makes while doing them as much as they are because of the hand position. Beautiful...

2. Sami loves cleans so frickin' much that he laughs out loud while doing a PB. Hardcore!

3. Murph is the hairiest man in Irish weightlifting, as always.

4. UL are going to be 3 x as dissappointed when they get their asses handed to them by team Hercs this year in Cork and we take the Club team title...

CathalByrd said...

Re: thought #4... Get a grip Mr. Leech. You really are one crazy Chinese man.

Points 1-3 I cannot argue with.

Unknown said...

Great to see you and Sami's hard work is paying off.

Barry said...

Thanks Neoct. The hard work is beginning to pay off.

Harry, Murph is a hero. They may not show any respect in China, but here in Ireland, we do. Shape up or ship out.

Byrdie, you are going down to Harry's Chinatown in October.

aaron small said...

i must be doing somthing very wrong up north here cause i can only front squat 135 and my best back squat is 155.... me thinks alot more squats are in order...any thoughts guys

Kirksman said...

OMG he really took a long time to adjust his grip.

Hahaha, but marvelous effort. Does he have a flexibility issue or someting?

Anonymous said...

Sami's arms were killing him that day--it is a bit of a problem. He was finding it very painful to rack the bar.

Aaron, quite simply, you need to squat more. You have good technique but you need more leg strength.


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