Saturday 4 July 2009

Saturday's Snatch success

Myself and Sami drove down to Limerick last night to train with Murph and Cathal. I had a day off on Tuesday, a stretching session on Wednesday, a light technique session on the Thursday and a day off on the Friday. I still felt pretty rough this morning in our first session, but with a Lions' win and some cafeine, I was flying for the second session.

Session One-- 11am

Power and Squat Snatch--I worked up to two or three doubles with 80kg. Harry was trying to get me to stay over the bar a little more and he thought I was too far back on my heels.

Power Jerk--I worked up to two doubles with 100. Again, these felt very rough and the co-ordination was not the Mae West.

We then started training again after the Lions' game four hours later.

Session two

Snatch--I worked up to singles with 97.5kg, 102.5kg, 107.5kg and a new pr of 110kg first time. None of these Snatches felt particularly nice as I was not finishing my pull. I missed my first attempt of 112.5kg due to a soft finish and I sorted it out for my second attempt, which was another pr and by far my best Snatch. My attempt of 115kg was slow and cumbersome, but I know I will get it next time.

Clean and Jerk--I was wrecked for these and only went up to 120kg. I am saving myself for a new pr in the Clean and Jerk tomorrow. Right now I am very tired, but another power session in the morning and I should feel good tomorrow.

Sami Snatched a new pr of 95kg and narrowly missed 97.5kg. He Clean and Jerked four new pr's and went form a 110kg Clean and Jerk to 119.5kg. These pr's were coming for a long time for the two of us and when we test in another week and a half, more will follow.


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