Sunday 26 July 2009

Saturday's stormer in Crossfit San Diego

I had originally planned to train in Mike Burgener's gym which is about an hour outside San Diego, but he was away and the lady in charge of his place told me that there would not be that many lifters around. I decided to google--this is now an official word in the Oxford dictionary by the way-- and find out where else I could train. I found JP Bolwahn's blog which informed me of Crossfit San Diego. I emailed him and I was warmly invited to train in their facility and in the video below, I show this magnificent gym in all its glory as well as having a brief interview with JP who, along with his girlfriend Lauren and the rest of the Crossfit staff who we went for a few beers with that night, were all very cool. I cannot recommend their place enough with the warm and congenial atmosphere as well as the kick ass facilities.

Here is what I did:

Power and Squat Snatch--I worked up to three doubles with 90, but these were Squat and full Snatches by the end.

Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk--I worked up to two doubles with 110

Front Squat--I worked up to two doubles with 140. My legs were fried after the long flights over.

Here is the video of my brief stay and you will need audio to listen properly. I will be training in the University of San Diego with JP on Monday and I should have some footage of their facility also.


bigphathar said...

Gorgeous facility, I'm drooling! Enjoy your holiday, any posts you make are a bonus!

Lauren said...

Hi Barry,

It's Lauren. Great blog and video of our gym! You and Allish (sp?) are always welcome at our box!!! Hope you had a wonderful time at Crossfit San Diego! We hope to some day get out to see you guys in Dublin! Take care and have fun in Vegas!
We'll talk to you soon!
-Lauren, Crossfit San Diego

Barry said...

Thanks Lauren. Keep up the hard training.

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