Tuesday 7 July 2009

Tuesday's torpid active recovery

Today myself and Sami had an active recovery session in the gym with a very light workout and plenty of stretching in the warm up. We are both wrecked from the volume over the last six weeks and also the testing during the weekend, so this session was exactly what we needed. Here is what I did:

Snatch--I worked up to a double with 85kg and left it at that.

Snatch Pulls--I worked up to a double with 100. It was not heavy but the co-ordination was not the greatest.

Power Clean+Squat Clean--I only did three sets of two with 70kg's as what I was doing did not feel like Cleans at all, but some strange, broomstick waving, magical wand manoeuver. I did not try to continue with the Cleans because there should be no trace of these bastardised versions of the Clean in my system when I train next.

Back Squat--I worked up to a nice double with 130 and left it at that. I did around ten minutes flexibility at the end and I went home.

Here is a video of some new lady lifters who are rugby players who are learning the lifts. The video clealy shows that they have talent. They all overhead Squat comfortably and as one part of their program, perform triples in the Drop Snatch, the Hang Snatch, the Clean and Jerk and also some Jerk skill drills.


GoLift said...

Who are those girls. Nice lifting. Where are they training and who is the S&C coach, Zag?
We are thinking of coming down for the Leinster open. Would it be worth it? Just to watch.

Barry said...

Hi Robbie,

You boys need to come down to the Leinsters' and compete, not just watch. The Ulster Open will be on the 8th of August if that would suit better. A competition focuses the mind.
If Zag wants to be identified, he can come forth in a flourish.

Anonymous said...

love the atmosphere in your training session highlights, would be nice to train with a bunch of athletes like you

GoLift said...

Have a chat with the lads and see if we can get down. doing a lot of other training at the mo but want to just lift. Maybe work towards the ulster open. i'll be in touch at a later date.

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