Wednesday 29 July 2009

Monday’s mentionables

JP and I went to train in the USD gym, but it was closed that day. I had a look inside and it is outrageously well kitted out with a generous array of platforms, bars, bumper plates and a whole pick and mix of strength and conditioning goodies. There was even a small track to do sprints and warm ups in. This is the gym that JP trains in with Casey Burgener during the week and in the weekend they split off to Mike Burgener’s place about an hour away. After this we went back to Crossfit and I did the following session:

Power Snatch triples—I worked up to one triple with 80 and then another with 84kg; the latter is included in the video below. I worked on keeping the bar closely to me by engaging my upper and mid back in the first pull. Upon looking at the video i needed to get over the bar a bit more, and that maybe why I was sending it out a little bit. I was on my heels too much I think. This is what video analysis is for.

Jerk behind the neck—I was a little surprised when I saw Harry had put these into the program, because I had not performed this movement in 6 or 8 months. At the beginning they were out of the groove and awkward, but each set saw an improvement in rhythm and position.
I worked up to 2 doubles with 130kg and they felt very solid, so I then did a single with 140kg for a new pb and what I felt was my best jerk of the session. Because this felt so good, I said what the hell and I went up to 150kg just to see what would happen. I nailed it and it actually felt like there was more in the tank, but I was in a rush and I had to get my Squats in. I was pleased with the 150 because the most I got before was a single with 130 the last time performed the movement. This was not planned, but I went with the flow because I was feeling relaxed and enjoying myself.

Back Squat doubles—I had to hurry with these so I worked up to a double with 150kg and I went for a double with 160, but I could only get a single. My legs are still feeling a bit rubbery after the long flights over and although my leg strength felt better than Saturday, it may take another few days to get back to normal. These weights would usually be very straight forward, but not so far over here.

In terms of training over here, I will be happy if I get five or six sessions in total. I am focusing more on maintaining with short workouts that last just over an hour rather than getting any volume in—this is where training in Chick Hamilton’s gym in Kilmarnock will come in! Have a look at the video and if you have any constructive criticism, please leave a comment. Thanks again to JP and all the Crossfit crew for their hospitality.


bigphathar said...

First off thanks to JP for all the excellent hospitality: if you ever come this side of the pond we'll try to reciprocate!

Your analysis is spot on re the PS: COG is over the heels, needs to be over the balls of the feet, this will help keep shoulders over the bar more. Fix this now so that when intensity goes up in September you get the lifts you deserve.

Great Jerks behind the neck: The extra leg strength is helping. A word of warning, you're going to be sick of this exercise when you get back ;)

Travel safe and make sure to do some touristy stuff while you're there!

CathalByrd said...

Congrats on the jerk pbs Baz, great work. More pbs to come in Scotland!

Lauren said...

Barry, great video! Keep up the good work when you go back home!!!!

Hugh said...

Nice one fitty!!

Do have an actual holiday too though - I don't wanna hear tales of hardship and woe when you go back to work!

Barry said...

I am having an amazing time over here. I was in Vegas for three nights of fun and I trained once while over here. I had an amazing session with John Broz and his athletes in Vegas and I will post about it when I have time. I also have a very interesting interview with John that should go down a storm.

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