Tuesday 21 July 2009

Tuesday's trappings

I had a fun training session today where I was more co-ordinated than the previous day, thankfully. Harry did give out to me for indulging in wishful weightlifting when I did not immediately start on the numbers that I finished with a few weeks ago. This is a lesson that made me reassess what I want to do tomorrow. Simply put, the fatigue built up from the last cycyle of training and working in that summer camp-- which was really tiring!-- means that I have to build up again and then take over from where I was.

I will be going to California for two and a half weeks on Thursday, so I guess it will start off after that. I will train a bit while over there, but only to maintain where I am at. A few days after I return, myself, Cathal Byrd and Andy Murphy will be training in Charlie 'Chick' Hamilton's gym in Kilmarnok, Scotland for a week which should be a great learning experience. Anyway, here is what I did today:

Power Snatch--I worked up to 3x3 @80--These were more tiring than heavy. Harry was reminding me to stay over the bar while keeping my back locked.

2 Cleans + 1 Jerk--I worked up to 4x2@110--I missed the first Jerk due to a lack of concentration, but I nailed every one after that. Even though this is a weight I have used for a triple in the Power Clean, they felt relatively heavy. Two sets are in the video below, so any constructive criticism is welcome.

Back Squats--3x3@140--I left it light because I will be doing some Back Squat singles tomorrow.


snatch_pete said...

Have you another new lifter, Karen?

Hercules seems to be increasing in numbers these days.

Barry said...

Karen has been lifting for the last few months and she is working hard and continuing to improve.

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