Friday 6 February 2009

Harry's coaching style

I am about to go for a stretch and a sauna and steam room.I am still too heavy so I had a vegetarian dinner and I will leave the food from now until the weigh in. I will drink some water after the sauna and then I will leave that too.
On a lighter note, I watched this video and I immediately thought of Harry, although in fairness to him, Harry is slightly more subtle than this guy:


Laura Nolan said...

Hm, it is funny the way he has different styles for different lifters, isn't it.

Barry said...

I think that is a sign of a good coach Laura because every lifter has different requirements.

Laura Nolan said...

Indeed, that is what I was getting at. Not to mention different styles for the same lifter at different times. I feel I'm being pushed a lot harder than a few months ago. Subtly :)

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